Veteran Memorial Services in San Jose, CA

Veteran Memorial Services in San Jose, CA

We strongly believe that the life story of every veteran deserves to be heard. At Fremont Memorial Chapel we are dedicated to providing great veteran memorial services in San Jose to families and can assist you in obtaining military burial benefits. When it’s time to make preparations for the veteran, rest assured that our staff is both capable and dedicated to ensuring that they receive the military honors they deserve.

Veterans devote their life to serving our country and safeguarding our liberties. We all want to give these courageous men and women, who have unselfishly given up so much of themselves for not only their families, but for the country as a whole, a fitting send off.

This information will be helpful whether you’re a member of the family making final arrangements for an end-of-life planner or a veteran loved one who assists families in making such arrangements.

With the cremation rate in the United States rapidly increasing, we want to ensure that you’re well aware of other alternatives and traditional ways, as well as the benefits and support options available to veterans and their families. As funeral expenses climb, both funeral planners and families of veterans must arm themselves with knowledge of available veteran’s burial and cremation services and benefits to assist families in managing the escalating costs of final arrangements for a loved one.

The presentation and folding of the United States flag to the soldiers’ family are part of the basic veteran memorial services in San Jose, CA. A funeral honors detail consists of a minimum of two members of the Armed Forces performing the ceremony.

The type of funeral honors you or your veteran get will be determined by the veteran’s status. At least one member of the funeral honors will be from the same branch of the military as the departed veteran. Taps can be performed by a bugler or a quality recorded rendition if one is not available.