Funerals and Cremation – San Mateo CA

Funerals and Cremation – San Mateo CA

Contact Fremont Memorial Chapel for funerals and cremation San Mateo CA. We welcome you to our Fremont Memorial Chapel website. We are the Rose family, and we currently run two funeral homes in Fremont CA, minutes from San Mateo CA. Our family run business has been serving the residents of Fremont and surrounding communities with funeral and cremation services for a number of years. This website is offered as a useful resource for those grieving for a loved one or who are thinking about funeral plans.

As a family company, our business philosophy is very simple. When you come to us, you will be treated as our family. Our compassionate staff will take the time to help you plan memorials and services. Because we are a family-owned business, we adhere to a high standard of quality with compassion.

We are aware that dealing with a funeral home is never easy as people don’t find it easy to trust someone that they don’t know. However, we have built a reputation for dignity and quality over the years by providing compassionate, caring and dignified funeral services to our clietele. We have a number of qualified and experienced funeral directors. Every funeral director makes sure that meticulous personal attention is given to each detail. This quality service starts from the first moment we are in touch with the family.

Ask about our Pre-Payment Plan

If you are planning for your future, why not consider our pre-payment plan. By paying in advance of your funeral, you will relieve your surviving loved ones from a financial burden. You make all the arrangements in advance for the type of funeral you would want. While a life insurance policy or savings account does offer you some return, the biggest advantage of pre-payment funeral plan is that you can pay for the services at today’s prices. This price will be honored irrespective of the time at which our services might be required. We guarantee that the the plan will cover all costs of the Funeral Director and service. The prepaid funds are kept secured in a funeral fund and offer you peace of mind. The money is kept there until our services are required. Give us a call today and we will be happy to answer any questions that you may have regarding immediate need or pre-planning. Call (510) 793-8900.

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