Funeral Services Union City CA

Funeral Services Union City CA

Fremont Memorial Chapel provides a full range of funeral services Unity City CA. Welcome to the Fremont Memorial Chapel funeral home website. Our comprehensive funeral services are offered by our two chapels located nearby in Fremont California. Fremont Memorial Chapel is a family run business serving the residents of Union City and surrounding communities with cremation and funeral home services for a number of years. This website has been created to offer a useful resource to people who have recently experienced the passing of a loved one or who want to consider making their own funeral arrangements.

We are aware that dealing with a funeral home is rarely easy, especially while in the initial period of grieving. Fremont Memorial Chapel has a reputation for dignity and quality over the years by providing compassionate, caring and dignified funeral services to the residents of Union City CA. We have a number of qualified and experienced funeral directors and every funeral director makes sure that meticulous personal attention is given to each detail and this quality service starts from the first moment we are in touch with the family.

Fremont Memorial Chapel caters to all denominations. We offer a wide variety of services ranging from cremation to traditional graveyard burial. We pride ourselves on offering a professional, caring and compassionate funeral service. Everything is planned as per the wishes of the family under the guidance of our friendly staff. Our friendly staff will take care of every aspect of the funeral service that includes prearranged funerals as well as various other arrangements. We also provide funeral shipping services.

When you come to us, you will be treated as our family and we will try our best to ease the pain of the difficult time you are going through as much as possible. We pride ourselves on offering a professional, caring and compassionate funeral service. Give a call to one of our funeral directors if there is anything that you are not able to find on this website. We also offer assistance to people who want to prearrange and prepay for their own funeral in addition to helping families who need immediate funeral arrangements. The prepayment funeral plan is best for those who would like to make all the arrangements in advance for the type of funeral they would want. It also helps the grieving family by giving them enough time to mourn and not make several tough decisions at such a difficult time. (510) 793-8900.

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